When did I realize I was going to die?

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It was just another ordinary day for me; I just left elementary school and made it home in time to catch my favorite cartoons. I spent most of the afternoon doing homework and mostly watching tv. My mom called my brother and me to eat dinner. Then off to shower and get ready for bed. Just another day in the life of a 12-year-old, right?

As I dose off thinking of how great life is being a kid, it hits me. I start breathing deep, panicking, and my stomach drops. I have now realized I will die one day, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The tears start to set in, followed by the grip of fear. Like any other young kid in a panic, I run to my mom speaking gibberish and eventually, sobbing the words out, I’m going to die! Like any other parent, my mom tells me you will not die as she embraces me in a warm hug. I knew better than that; for some reason, that was the day I knew death was inevitable.

I’m glad to report I now make my inevitable death a motivator. Feeling like you don’t wanna work on a project you’ve wanted to accomplish? Are you worried about taking the leap on a new endeavor? Remember, you will die one day and won’t have that choice. Make sure you act now before that day comes. Live with no regrets.

Are video games bad for you?

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Let’s start by saying, my parents think video games are the worst. Not just my parents but most parents. Although I have come to find out not all parents believe video games are bad for you, they even encourage their children to play.

I have been playing video games for over 15 years. I started with a Nintendo 64 when the graphics were not so great. The game system was a friend’s but, that was the moment I got hooked. Me and millions of other kids, of course. I think I now have a good idea of what parents were experiencing. In comparison to seeing our young children all having Ipads; In my opinion, it’s the shock factor. Like always, what we don’t know scares us until we obtain a better understanding.

Just like many things in life, it depends on the variables of the equation. The equation, in this case, is the individual playing video games. From the scientific studies I read before writing this post, video games can harm you if you have pre-existing conditions. There was also proof of social and addiction problems, but they seem less extreme and manageable.

If you don’t fall under the mentioned conditions, I have great news for you. Let’s play some video games! The keyword some, the recommended amount of video games you should be playing is two hours. I agree with the two-hour mark since I steam four times a week for two hours on those days. There is even science to back up the mental benefits of gaming. These benefits include improving manual dexterity, increase your brain’s gray matter, and becoming a better problem solver. So with that said, game on, my friends!

Is Graffiti Vandalism or Art?

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I decided to write about graffiti being vandalism or art because I have lived this dilemma. Since I was a young boy, I have been interested in drawing anything I saw, from Pokémon characters to images of Jesus Christ my parents had hung throughout the house. I was always good at drawing what I saw in real life. The first time I took notice of graffiti was in high school. My friends all had a sketchbook of the graffiti they sketched from imagination and basic rules. I was so attracted to graffiti because of the freedom of expression in colors and styles. Then I slowly started to realize it was all around me.

Although all of it sounds like art and a good-hearted topic, this is where the truth shines. On this blog, we constantly seek out honesty. Painting on a wall that you do not have permission to paint is ILLEGAL and is, without doubt, vandalism. Even though it is illegal, I find it one of the most freeing and expressive forms of art. Nothing compares to sneaking out in the middle of the night to paint on anywhere your heart desires. Until you get in trouble with the law, hurt yourself, or die from a fall.

With all of that said, I know graffiti is an art form that unfortunately starts from a dark place. People will want you to believe it is either graffiti or art, but I know it is both. In the end, it is up to the artist to chose how he approaches the art form in the long run. Whether running from the law or asking for permission to paint, that is graffiti.

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